NILRUST products offer a Premium range of Paint protection for your vehicle.

Enduroshield is a Total Paint Protection program, designed to protect the new vehicles’ paintwork against fading, oxidisation, corrosion, staining, pitting, petrol, oil and detergents.

No wax or polish can protect or enhance a vehicle’s paint like NILRUST Enduroshield Paint Protection. Paint surfaces are full of microscopic peaks and valleys reducing their gloss and collecting road and atmospheric grime. Washing and hand cleaning prepare the painted surfaces, imperfections, marks and scratches are then removed before the product is applied, bonding to the paint surface and smoothing out any remaining undulations, leaving a hard mirror- like finish.

The NILRUST Paint Protection chemical make up gives increased resistance to U.V. rays, strong detergents and acid rain, giving your vehicle a long lasting showroom shine without the need to polish.

Gloss and colour enhancers within the product ensure that the full range of colours in the paintwork is displayed in its most brilliant form with a lustrous hi-gloss sheen.

We can protect your car starting from $220.00, please call us on 02 60406600 or if you have any inquiries you can Contact Us here.